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carpet anti stain application by professional carpet cleaner

Does Anti-Stain Protector Really Work?

You’ve just gotten your carpet professionally cleaned and your carpet cleaning company has recommended you get an anti-stain protector for your carpet to keep it as clean as possible before your next professional cleaning appointment (1 year away ).

Problem is, you went to the hardware store and there are too many brands to count: Teflon, Guardsman, Ultraguard, Scotchguard and a bunch of others whose names you can’t even remember.

You don’t know which one to choose, which one will suit your specific carpets or seats, and which is one is the most organic so it won’t ruin your carpet. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Carpet Anti Stain Application

An anti-stain protector is tasked with protecting your upholstery and carpet by repelling liquid and preventing stains from forming on them.

An anti-stain protector is sprayed onto your item and it forms a light coating on it. It is a soft liquid and the light coating prevents the fibers and thus texture of your carpet of upholstery from being changed.

This, however means that it’s not a magical product that will keep your white carpet perfectly white. No. It simply means that it lessens chances that the fabric is ruined from spilt liquids, and that stains are easily removed since they have not penetrated the fabric. So keep in mind you will have to keep reapplying every so often, after say a few months.

It’s always good to note that your anti-stain protector is not a magical product. Don’t test it by pouring hot black tea just to see if it’ll work. It won’t. Hot liquids, especially, are able to seep through the light coating that the protector provides and will thus cause a stain.

Also note that the protectors listed here don’t come cheap, but are some of the most effective in the market. Be careful not to swap them out for cheaper alternatives as these might be made of harmful chemicals which will ruin your fabric.

Some of the things to note when it comes to anti-stain protectors are:

  1. They reduces short-term staining of your upholstery fabric. The soft coating works over a short-term period and will have to be reapplied from time to time as it is not a hard coating.
  2. When applying the protector be sure to leave the windows open to help it dry faster. Additionally spray as even a coating on every strand of fiber as you possibly can. Let it dry for the recommended time on the pack. This can vary with brand.
  3. Go for a well-known brand and be very cautious with cheaper brands as they might cause more harm than good.
  4. They help reduce wear of your items giving you more life out of them.

Hopefully we have dispelled the myth of anti-stain protectors and you can use one to protect your seats and carpet.

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