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Carpet Cleaning Companies

There are many professional carpet cleaning companies to choose from.

Some prefer using non-toxic citrus products instead of using cleaning chemicals. This has been beneficial to most people who have allergies or sensitive to chemicals.

However, citrus products may not be used in every carpet due to fibre difference.

Therefore, different cleaning techniques and chemicals are used depending with the type of carpet to be cleaned. Some common types of carpets include twists, Saxony, sisal, wool, tip sheared, plush and twisted.

When you hire professional carpet cleaning companies, they will first assess the type of carpet you’ve to use the right method and cleaning chemicals.

Various carpet cleaning companies use different cleaning methods

There are many carpet cleaning methods to choose from. For instance, hot water extraction method is ideal for deep cleaning your carpet and killing bacteria that might be in your carpet. On the other hand, shampoo cleaning uses a cleaning solution from a cleaning machine.

After thorough cleaning, residues are extracted from the carpet before rinsing it. This method is very effective in cleaning and deodorising your carpet. It is highly recommended if you’ve children or pets in your home. Cleaning and extraction method should only be carried out by a professional because if you don’t possess enough experience or skills to use these methods, you can over wet your carpet causing permanent damage.

A good carpet cleaner should clean carpet fibres only and not wet the floorboard and carpet backing. Then, after cleaning the carpet, carpet protector should be applied to prevent build-up of dust, dirt or any other foreign material on the carpet. In addition, carpet protectors make it easy to clean spillages and remove stains from the carpet.

Preparing for carpet cleaningBefore any carpet cleaning, you should prepare your home by decluttering the floor. Then, if some areas of your carpet require special attention due to spills or stains, notify the professional cleaner.

Later after cleaning is done, inquire on how long you should take before walking on the carpet or what you should do. You can also inspect how cleaning was done before paying for the service.

How much do carpet cleaning companies charge?

The cost of cleaning your carpet is variable. Normally, carpet cleaners quote cleaning cost depending with the area to be cleaned and where the carpet is found. If you’ve many rooms and stairs as well, you will be charged due to the area to be cleaned. Stairs have their own rate because it stressing cleaning them or using cleaning equipment on the stairs.

Therefore, there is a fixed price for the stair. Before hiring a professional carpet cleaner, agree on the total price after an assessment (not over phone) to avoid additional costs.

If you need special treatments on your carpet e.g. carpet protection, you will have to pay more for the service.

Normally, expect to pay about $50/ hr in carpet cleaning although the rate may vary basing on factors such as location and the method of cleaning your carpet.

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