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Carpet Sanitising company

How To Find A Carpet Sanitising Expert

Carpets, like any other item in the house can get dirty over time. The worst thing about carpets is that they can have an unpleasant smell when bacteria builds up. Cleaning your carpet can restore the appearance. However, to get rid of the awful smell and keep it hygienic you will have to sanitise and deodorise it. Here is what you need to know about these processes.

What Is Carpet Sanitising And Deodorising Your Carpet?

The main reason why a carpet goes through sanitising and deodorising is to kill the bacteria causing the stench so that you can have a fresh smelling carpet.

Sanitising and deodorising your carpet should be done every time it is cleaned. More importantly, make sure this process is done to your carpet if it has not been professionally cleaned for a long time or if you have just moved into a home that had carpets already existing.

When Should Carpet Sanitising And Deodorising Products Be Applied?

The products are normally applied when your carpet has already been cleaned through steaming or dry cleaning. Sanitising and deodorising products are better applied by a professional. So before the services are offered, make sure you ask whether there will be an additional cost or if everything has been added in the total cost.

Finding The Right Carpet Sanitising Expert

Stains and dirt marks are the worst things that can ruin your beautiful looking carpets or upholstery. A fabric protection is the only remedy to clean up those stains and marks. Here is more you need to know.

About Fabric Protection

After a professional has steam cleaned or dry cleaned your carpet, fabric protection can then be applied to create a barrier on top of the carpet or upholstery.

This barrier is what repels the stains, marks or liquids from sticking on to the fibre. Not only is cleaning a fabric protected carpet easy but vacuuming is easy too.

Scotchguard is one of the most commonly known fabric protection product in the market. However, the type of products used to clean your carpet or upholstery depend on what the professional cleaner prefers.

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