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leather cleaning company

Leather Cleaning Company

Having leather furniture in your home makes it look stylish and can last for a long period of time if taken care of. Unlike other furniture made of different materials, leather furniture requires that you take good care for it to last long and still look amazing.

Why take care of your leather?

Good care of leather is very important. Well maintained leather lasts longer and remains as pretty as a new one. This also protects it from tough stains that may make it wear out faster. Just like the way you take care of your skin, your leather furniture requires the same kind of care. Regular cleaning is paramount to make them look neat and pretty. You should also ensure that any food debris and other kind of dirt is cleaned as faster as possible to prevent them from sticking on the leather permanently.
At home, there are several kind of oils that in case they spill on your leather they might stick permanently. Body and food oils oxidize and can discolor the leather. To prevent all these, you should make sure that any oils spilling on your leather is removed as soon as possible in order to keep the leather smooth and supple.

General Care Tips.

To get the most out of your leather furniture, the following are some of the great tips that will help you.

  • You should always keep the leather furniture away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight will make your leather fade or even crack.
  • Keep the leather furniture away from any source of heat and air conditioners. When leather comes close to heat, it dries up and the material and the finish may be distorted.
  • For even wear, you should make sure that you rotate the cushions regularly. Your furniture especially seats will wear out uniformly making it still appear nice.
  • To keep the leather moisturized, you should wipe the leather with a soft, clean and moist cloth once a week or even twice.
  • After every six to twelve months, you should clean your leather with a good quality conditioner. This will strengthen the leather thus lasting longer.
  • With a soft upholstery attachment, you should always vacuum the leather

How to clean leather

First the method you would want to use for cleaning should be tested on one point of the leather. Just wipe with a soft cloth in case of small spills. This cloth should be moist and should not be used with soap or water. You should not use any kind of cleaning agents. For small scratches in your leather, just use your clean fingers to polish them. If these stains persist, you can seek the help of professional leather cleaner.

Leather conditioning

To make your leather always smart and last longer, you should also condition it. This will maintain your leather flexibility. You can also use some natural products like emu oil and waxes to condition your leather.

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