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Professional Rug Cleaning Advice

This is a Romanian Bucharest. This is a handmade rug, my kids just got ketchup on this rug. I’ve got lots and lots of stuff on this rug and just see a little spots here and there and I’m going to show you how to clean an oil out the rug.

All I need for an effective rug cleaning service is a dish soap literally, just with cold water and we’re going to take this and we’re going to poor this solution over the rug and scrub it.

You don’t want to use anything like a clothes detergent or anything like that. I wish that I had I agree when I’m fucking mouth the ivory dish soap, it’s a white non colour a very simple dish soap. So it’s time to start prepping our driveway to clean the rug. When you prep your driveway, basically want to make sure that it is free of all oil, any type of automobile fluids you cannot have that getting on your rug.

Because driveway is so nasty, I’m power washing it because I don’t want to get this stuff at the back of the rug. I obviously don’t want to use a high pressure nozzle on this thing so I’m going to change to a softer nozzle.

Turn your rug, just give it a good flip. You’re probably asking yourself how many parts of water and soap per rug? No! Obviously not scientific, if you have one of those like gardeners watering cans with like this but it’s got like a shower, that’s what my dad used to use, I don’t have one of those. Soap applied!

And now it’s time to scrub with the simple scrub brush. If you happen not one of those like stand up brooms that has a handle, that would probably work really well because you could stand up to scrub it. If you have rotary brush, it will be fine.

And what you’ll notice is that you are going to start was that some of the pile but it’s not a big deal because you don’t wash these that often right? I mean you’re not supposed to be obsessive with Oriental rugs it’s kind of the point, we’ve got these really nice designs to blend dirt and it last forever. It’s like a parent’s dream come true right? This is the stuff that you want when you have kids. You definitely want to scrub the fringe.

Rug Cleaning Service

You can see that a fair amount of the yarn came out, this not a big deal its gravity pulling this way. So I’m going to flip it and rinse it this way. Rugs when they’re wet are extremely heavy, so if you’re not strong or if you have back problems, you’re probably going to get some help with this part. Rinsing is the most time consuming portion of cleaning an Oriental right and you don’t need like a pressure washer to do this at all. You can just use the holes in your [unclear 03:32]

So if you had one of those stand up hard bristle brooms that you scrubbed it with, and you could flip it over on the hard part of the broom so the right there the bristles will be on the straight part, you flip that over and you push the water out of the rug. I’m not using one of those, what I do have is the carpenter’s level.

This is not an essential part of cleaning the rug, though when it comes to vacuuming the rug, it actually does help, I mean it got a lot of water out of the rug just in the course of under a minute. So at this stage what you do, if you want to take [unclear 05:19] or whatever you want to call it, you want to vacuum out as much water as you possibly can and then if it were sunny day I could leave it out to dry.

If you do have little spots the sun can actually help leach out those spots on it.

That’s the other thing in the situation like this and you want your rugs to dry off, You don’t want to put it up or something sharp because your rug will crease and you don’t want to do that, but if you have some largish P.V.C pipe or if you have like 2 by 4 or something might be also acceptable. Anyway put it up where it’s not going to crease and put a fan on it. The better the fan the better it is oscillating all the better and get that rug dry.

As miserable as the weather was yesterday, we had this just hanging in our garage, we are going to let it get some sun, and you can see that the juice and everything on this rug was cleaned off. Just a quick reminder when you’re drying your rug, make sure that you flip it over, you don’t want the back to remain wet you want to be dried thoroughly.

Your pile is going to be a little bit stiff but as you walk on it, it will loosen up again. You’ll also notice that sun drying is going to help to whiten in your fringe which is a nice added benefit.

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