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Stain Removal Carpet Cleaner

Every household with carpeting should have a stain removal kit. White towels and paper towels, a spray bottle of plain water and a spray bottle of soapy water.

Don’t use too much soap about half a teaspoon per quart of water is plenty but make sure that you use clear dishwashing soap.

Hydrogen peroxide in a brown bottle because that keeps it fresh.

The Ammonia solution, one tablespoon of ammonia, two a half cup of water, rubbing alcohol, Vinegar, acetone or any non oily nail polish remover, two tips, cotton balls, a tooth brush great for getting at those hard to reach stains and the knife for picking up big stains and terrifying stain is grape juice and wine. But watch what happens on this carpet, it pulls up, so if you’re right there with a paper towel you can get it off.

This wonderful carpet is called Alana from the Martha Stewart Living collection at the Home Depot. It has a wonderful stain resistant and soil resistant property, the whole collection does. Look at that, isn’t that amazing?
This is ketchup, it’s an acidic stain. So first I’m going to take a knife and scrape up all the loose ketchup that’s laying on top of the carpet.

Stain Removing Carpet Cleaning Service

Other acidic stains include coffee and soy sauce both very difficult things to get out. I’m soaking my paper towel with this ammonia solution.

Don’t use it on wall because it could destroy the fibers. Block carefully and the ammonia is picking up all of the ketch up. Don’t ever use a colored towel because the ammonia could transfer the color from your towel onto your carpet. And the color of my carpet is

Sandpiper I wouldn’t want to look any different. If the ammonia doesn’t get every little bit up and this is getting really close to being done, you can use a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on your paper towel and again just blot it. Wow It is really coming up.

This is a lipstick stain. Lipstick is a waxy or an oily stain. But we have rubbing alcohol. You don’t usually ever rub a stain but I don’t want to blot this lipstick into the carpet anymore, so I just rub it in the same direction and it’s coming up little by little. As soon as you get some on your towel, change spots so you don’t put it back onto your carpet.

This is a really beautiful loop carpet. So unfortunately some of the lipstick has gotten into the loop so I’m going to pull out a Q tip. Never pour rubbing alcohol directly on the stain because it could damage the backing of your carpet. Stain removal is not a quick process but I just got this beautiful new rug and I am saving it and that feels really good.

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