Thermal Imaging In Northern Tasmania

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At Best Clean Carpet Cleaning, we provide a thermal imaging service using professional thermal imaging cameras for a range of diagnostic techniques.

Our cameras can clearly show any issues within buildings so we can identify problems that may not be visible tothe naked eye.

This key service could save you a lot of money by letting you target in on problems as they arise before they turn into a much bigger issue. Certified as a Level 1 Infrared Thermographer #9109, we can deliver highly effective services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

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Our thermal imaging services can be used for:

• Detection of non-destructive leaks/moisture detection
• Commercial, industrial and mechanical inspections
• Residential and general building inspections
• Heat loss detection
• Detecting electrical overloads and loose components
• Cold store scans

Providing a trusted service statewide, Best Clean Carpet Cleaning has the expertise and the professional equipment to ensure quality services you can trust. Our thermal imaging cameras are an invaluable way of detecting many common problems which, if left untended, could result in much more serious issues in the future.

Our team will work efficiently to ensure that any issues are spotted and dealt with as early as possible and we recommend that regular maintenance checks are performed for your peace of mind.


Proudly Cleaning The North West Of Tasmania

As a locally owned and operated family business, Best Clean Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing a reliable carpet cleaning service to every customer. With this in mind, we’re always punctual and give every job the same attention to detail – whether it’s a large or small project.

We also take extra measures while we work, using corner guards to protect your home, and we continually update our training and equipment to give guaranteed great results. Using only the most reliable products, we always take extra care of delicate materials like wool and can give you advice on how to maintain your carpets after we’re done.


The Tri County Areas


The Tri County Areas
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