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urine smelling carpet cleaner service

Carpet Urine Contamination: Detection and Prevention

At some point in time, we’re bound to encounter the inevitable. Pet or human urine deposited on carpets and upholstery often occur by accident.

It may be due to a certain illness, old age, a weak bladder or the consequence of holding it in for too long. Though understandable, the circumstances can lead to many undesirable things.

Urine Smelling Carpet

Some animal or human pee doesn’t really give off weird smells at first. Left unnoticed, small accidents can become big problems once strong odours start emanating around the house.

Worse cases exhibit discolouration of carpets and damaged underlay or floorboards caused by the penetration of liquid. How can you best deal with the situation and embarrassment of a urine smelling carpet?

Prevention is always better than cure. Thanks to technology, urine detection has been made possible. Carpet, upholstery and furnishings can now be scanned to spot trouble early on.

How does it work? Special UV urine rated detection amplifiers are run over UV patches to pinpoint exactly where urine has seeped into. The patches may be invisible to the naked eye, but not to us! Our streamlined process of clearing up urine deposits eliminates the guesswork along with potential health risks, and limits the extent of the damage.

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A big thank you for the great job you did for us with our lounge room carpet! Great service, lovely polite and friendly staff! Would and will be recommending you to others! Again thank you!

Anne Farrow

My carpets look absolutely amazing!I was stunned, and the heat pump looks brand new!! Beat Clean team you guys are fantastic! One happy person right here.

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Best clean came into my home yesterday. They did an outstanding job on my carpets. Highly recommend very professional my carpets look brand new again. Thank you very much

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