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I’m standing outside a house, which happens to be inside a warehouse and it kind of reminds me of a playhouse! What does this have to do with restoration? Find out in this next episode of Restoration Renegades.

Hi, I’m Jeremy and this is my journey. Behind-the-scenes of professional water damage restoration like you’ve never seen it before. We’ll see homes and businesses go from flooded places to new spaces as we follow the best restoration crews in the country and see how they tackle the big, the bad and the ugly.

Now, I don’t know where I’m going to be from one day to the next but one thing’s for sure, it’ll be anything but ordinary!

We’re here inside what looks to be a normal house, I mean it looks like a normal house to me but Jerry, from American Drying Institute, says that this is a training facility, isn’t that correct? It’s exactly right.

This is a hands-on flood school. And now when I think of school or training facility I think of my education back in the day which was inside a boring classroom, with a boring teacher inside a hard wooden chair.

That’s exactly right and a historical teaching, we were learning about water damage in a classroom, where this is completely different, this is hands-on real world.

Okay. When you say hands-on, what does that mean inside this house? Okay, what that means in this house is we’re going to deal with a completely saturated structure. Woah!

So if it’s saturated that reminds me of water. That’s exactly right. This bit… this house has been flooded over a hundred times and we’re going to flood it again. Sweet! And when we’re done with this, we’re going to be showing the students state-of-the-art drying systems in order to put this house back to the pre-lost state.

Awesome. You ready to help? Let’s do it! Okay. That’s what we’re talking about now. Go and… on the ceilings. Wow! There you go. Just swipe it down all over here. You see that water coming down that wall?

Now, this what we’re talking about when we’re flooding a house. Wow! Never knew… I didn’t know you could water the inside of a house. Absolutely. Amazing.

This is mimicking what would happen, let’s say, what would happen in a house? Absolutely. You get water from over here. This what we call a flood. I like when it rains indoors.

And so, what you’re doing and what you’re seeing right here is what people are being trained on- how to deal with this kind of catastrophic event in a home. Including like the furniture… exactly. All of the contents and all of these building materials.

And most people would just say “Hey, this thing is damp, let’s throw this couch out.” Exactly right. Exactly right. So you’re saying even this couch can be restored?

Exactly. We can put them back into pre-lost conditions and with a state-of-the-art technology that’s out there today and understanding of the science, the days of you just taking everything out of the building… you don’t have to do that. Wow! Okay. It’s amazing.

Now, there are times that it does have to come out. We also have to be very realistic but we do have science to where the majority of a lot of building contents can stay in place and does not have to come out.

Wow! And these walls… I mean, normally, I would think they would be all bold and so forth, just from the water. When I’m spraying it now, it’s absorbing some of the water. Absolutely. It’s like a giant sponge right now.

So, this building is absorbing water as we’re doing it right now. It’s not like a sealer on here right now, this is… no. No, it’s not. And what’s happening is the water that’s actually kind of in the air is now migrating throughout the rest of this house.

And so, we have to deal with the entire structure, not just one area.

So, just like fire would smoke, the same thing happens with water? That’s exactly right because we have water vapour in the air and it’s moving through this building and it can pick up moisture in different contents of the home. In rear windows… and it can absolutely destroy them. Well, I’m officially soaked and so is this house, which is what we’re trying to do.

So now, Jerry is going to work his magic on making this place dry. Now, Jerry is the ultimate restoration renegade because he’s an instructor of restoration renegades.

In fact, he’s instructed over 100 restoration renegades who are out there right now helping businesses and homes that get flooded and wet, just like this one and just like yours. So, we appreciate you and your service,

Jerry. Now, if I don’t see you in your wet house or flooded business, I hope to see you next time on restoration renegades.
Ah! Yeah! Shut it off. It’s not coming. Now that’s a flood.

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